Bulgarian producer of ventilation equipment is looking for distributors

We are a leading producer of fans in Bulgaria, applications:

- For ventilation and air conditioning of residential, public, industrial and other premises;

- Grain fans, fans for conveying grain and powdered products such as flour, cement, sawdust etc;

- Fans for providing air in fuel and other technological processes;

- Fans in refrigeration and drying equipment;

- Fans for mines, for mining, metallurgy and chemical processing, energy and agriculture.

Certifications: ISO9001, OHSAS18001, 3834-2 for welding

Business partner must have the passion to market energy-efficient products, and have done business with companies from AC or DC fans producer especially in bathroom ventilation manufacturing or industrial electrical appliances, home appliance and telecommunication equipment industries.

Opportunity reference

# 493



Value (€)



Europe, Turkey


Consumer goods, Industrial

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