Italian owners of a luxury Venetian Villa hosting a 5-star hotel seeking foreign buyers

We are Italian investors, owners of a prestigious Venetian Villa located in the hinterland of Venice. The villa includes a 5-star hotel with a golf club, a vast green park and a swimming pool.

The villa dates back to the mid-XVIII century and is structured according to the typical Venetian scheme, flanked by two barns with elegant lines. The interiors, where valuable stuccoes and frescoes are conserved, emerge for refinement and style and are characterized by the towering vintage furnishings of an aristocratic villa with the comforts of a modern hotel.

We are looking for international buyers for both the villa and the hotel hosted therein.

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# 842



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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Leisure and Hospitality, Entertainment, Art and Education, Construction and Real Estate

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