Dutch specialist in water-free dyeing with supercritical CO2 seeks textile manufacturers

We are the world’s first commercial supplier of a water-free and process-chemical free dyeing system for polyester textiles. Using CO2 dyeing will eliminate the use of water, reduces energy consumption, eliminates chemical usage and is cost effective.

We offer systems that provide brands and manufacturers the opportunity to decrease water consumption and the use of chemicals significantly: roughly 50 million liters of water and 250 kilograms of chemicals per 1000 ton of production.

Factsheet of the 3-vessel system:

- Capacity of up to 1.500 tons per year

- When ran in an efficient operation, 16-18 batches of up to 200kg (in total 4 tons) can be dyed per day.

- The system is configured for beam-dyeing and fits both knits and wovens

- There is a configuration for dyeing yarn as well (42 bobbins of 4,7kg).

We already installed over 9 million kilos per year of CO2 polyester dyeing capacity. We seek partners to increase production capacity of CO2 polyester dyeing.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Textile and Fashion

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