Turkish manufacturer of network cabinets and data centre solutions seeking distributors

We manufacture 19-inch rack enclosures, server, network, security and data centre cabinets and accessories, telecom field cabinets (indoor/outdoor), and a wide range of further products for the ICT sector. We produce in our 20.000 m2 indoor area in Turkey with an average of 240 employees. Our market share of the Turkish rack enclosure market is 50% and we export in more than 80 countries. So far, we have built more than 100 data centres, consisting of 20 to 700 enclosures, all over the world. We have ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 14001:2015, TS EN 61587-1 certifications and UL, GOST-R, CE and RoHS certificates. We would like to strengthen our presence in Europe and are looking for experienced distributors already supplying the ICT sector.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East



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