Polish regional producer of high-quality organic cakes and bakery looking for distributors

We are retailers of high quality natural products with established position on the market, specialized in the health food sector. Our main products are regional cakes and bakery products, prepared in home-made technique and traditional methods.

The most famous cake is "tree cake". It is baked by painting layers of dough on a rotating spit in a special open oven or over an open fire. It is shaped like branched tree and quite dry; due to special recipe the cake is fresh for even few months.

“Ant cake” is built from small crunchy, fried, traditional cakes, which form is a hillock, which is poured with honey and powdered with poppy seed and raisins. This is also a product with long shelf life.

"Chimney" - an extremely interesting delicacy made of previously fried puff pastry balls. Small balls are connected with each other by a mixture of honey and dried fruit.

We are interested in cooperation in form of the distribution services agreement.

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