Manufacturer of easy-to-install casings for pipes and electric wires seeks distributors

We are a Finnish manufacturer of casings for water, sewer and ventilation pipes as well as for electricity wires.

The casings are easily installed to different types of buildings, e.g. apartments, town houses, public buildings...

Our products have been designed and developed together with Finnish plumbers and construction companies, taking into consideration the ease of installation, the products' lightness and efficiency. The products are standardized.

Standard casing products:

- Casings for water (with insulation)

- Casings for electrical wiring (fire protection EI30 – endures fire for 30 minutes)

- Casings for both water and electrical wiring (fire protection EI30 and water pipes in the same casing)

- Casings for sewer piping (for all pipes needed in sewer, drainpipe, water, electrical wiring with EI30 fire protection)

- Casings for outdoor use (for heat recovery devices and other pipes and wires)

- Casings to be used inside the apartments (for wires and pipes)

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Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark


Construction and Real Estate

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