Dutch company seeks distributors in Asia of European food (restaurants, catering, retail)

We are a Dutch company offering a range of food solutions and food concept development for Asian restaurants, catering and retail chains. We offer a range of food solutions and food concept developments for Asian companies in restaurants, catering and retail and exports European specific food to Asia.

Typical products that we export are ice cream, frozen vegetables, margarine, butter, cookies, various forms of dairy. Next to that, we offer various branding products and are also able to provide a private label line. 95% of the food products will be shipped by sea (reefer container). We usually use a warehouse in Rotterdam where various goods come in. These will be shipped consolidated to Asia as to maximise the container use and ensure an affordable shipping price.

We are looking for commercial agents or distributors with clients in the world of restaurant chains or retail chains looking for a solution for European food demand.

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# 872



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Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea


Leisure and Hospitality, Consumer goods, Food and Beverage

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