Ukrainian producer of ceramic granite seeking distributors in Europe and the USA

We are the first and only producer of ceramic granite in Eastern Europe based on state-of-the-art twin-press technology from the Italian company Sacmi, which enables unique ceramic granite that meets European standards.

Unique and innovative developments allow creating a new generation of porcelain stoneware, which is a complete replacement for natural stone. It surpasses its natural analogue - granite not only in many technical properties but also aesthetically, significantly expanding the natural palette of colours. The technical characteristics and the variety of tile decors make it possible to use it, both when lining public spaces and arranging private residences.

We are looking for reliable and financially stable distributors in Europe and the USA, with sales networks within DIY (do-it-yourself) stores, professional building material suppliers and construction companies in order to expand the geography of our market.

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Europe, United States


Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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