China-based electric heating element making equipment supplier looks for partners in North America

Our winding machine is specially designed for the production of single-ended lead wires for high-density electronic parts, such as mica chip electronic parts and carbon electronic parts.

The main shaft is used as a bracket for the frame of these parts such as magnesium rods, ceramic rods and mica sheets, and the inverter controls the speed.

The winding moves with the movement of the ball screw driven by the stepper motor to produce components with different pitch intervals. The controller made of SBC is an integrated control system that can precisely control the number of coil pitch arrangements, slow winding, fast winding, fast exit and reset programs.

We are a manufacturer of heater equipment, located in China.

Our main products are resistance winding machine, powder filling machine, feeding machine, tube shrinking machine, stretching machine, tube turning machine, tube bending machine, annealing machine, and so on.

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North America


Electronics and House appliances

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