Finnish industrial cleaning machine manufacturer is looking for distributors

We manufacture a wide selection of std component cleaning machines. The machines can also be modified according to customer specifications. The size of cleaned components can vary between 1–3000 kgs. We export to over 70 countries


• Machine and equipment repair shops

- Cleaning of repairable parts (oil, grease, dirt, soot)

• Industrial manufacturing processes

- Cleaning of machined parts (oil, grease, chemicals,

machining chips)

- Pre-treatment for parts to be painted

The distributor should be able to organize the following after-sales services:

• Commissioning

• Maintenance

• Spare parts

• Product support

• Modernizations

• Cleaning tests

The potential distributor may already sell:

• other cleaning equipment

• different tools to same customers

Opportunity reference

# 476



Value (€)



Germany, United Kingdom



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