Chemical vapor deposition silicon dioxide thin-film coatings for metals (seeks partners)

We are a German SME that offers innovative thin-film CVD coatings, including pre-treatment, coating, and quality management as well as the development of tailor-made coatings for complex metal products, e.g. calibration gas bottles, heat exchangers, silicon wafers, electronic components, sensor technology, machine parts.

The CVD coatings can be applied to any metal surface where corrosion protection, improved bonding, delayed deposit formation is required.

We have a patented CVD process to deposit high-quality silicon dioxide thin films at low temperatures (300 degrees Celsius) which enables the coating of low melting metals and metal alloys. The coatings ensure a high chemical and thermal resistance.

We seek partnerships in the form of manufacturing agreements.

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# 759



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Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, United States



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