OFFER: composite reinforced concrete for glass fiber and basalt fiber

We are a Polish producer of glass fibre and basalt composite rods, an innovative product that brings many advantages to the construction industry: stretch resistance, corrosion resistance, magnetization and temperature, lightness.

Composite materials including composite reinforcement bars are made of two materials: fibers (eg glass, basalt, carbon, and others) and binder (eg epoxy resin and hardener).

The composite rods are produced by the fiber drag method - pultrusion. This technology consists in producing a continuous composite rod in a machine called a pultruded by pulling pre-polymerized ultra-fine glass fibers or basalt fibers bonded to a resin-based polymer resin (mostly epoxy).

Composite bars have a wide application. A client can use them in the: road, railway, industrial, general, bridging, water, horticulture, mining, aviation, and prefabrication.

We are looking for new distributors from the European countries.

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Basic materials, Construction and Real Estate

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