German producer of medical compression and support stockings seeks distributors worldwide

We develop and produce a wide range of medical compression products.

We offer for the distribution the following ones:

1) Standard compression stockings available in different versions: round knitted for vein disorders and flat knitted in made-to-measure qualities for edemas, burn or scar treatment

2) Modern compression stockings available in a wide range of colors and made of innovative friendly skin materials

3) Support stockings for prophylaxis

4) Different accessories like putting on aids, special detergents etc

5) A comprehensive range of orthopedic supports and braces for nearly every joint of the body

We would like to extend our global market penetration, so we are looking for exclusive distributors with experience in the field.

All our products are in compliance with EU regulations. We are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Opportunity reference

# 783



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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Health and Pharma

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