OFFER: Device for assisting in detection of low quality freshly mixed concrete

We developed a precise testing procedure which works by measuring the electrical conductivity characteristics of freshly mixed concrete and water solution during the early hydration period using a purposely designed measuring probe.

The instruments and probe are easy to use either on site or in a laboratory and do not require a controlled area.

The freshly mixed concrete tester uses ten parameters the freshly mixed concrete analysis collates: cement compressive strength, size of coarse aggregate, sand grain module, sand aggregate ratio, slump test result, impact of plasticiser, mineral composition of aggregates, curing temperature, curing time.

Results provide flexibility and a shortened timescale to deliver results which provide technicians an accurate measure of the strength of each of freshly mixed concrete with immediate evidence based results being used to either accept or reject batches of fresh mixed concrete.

We seek partners to distribute the product.

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Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Basic materials, Technology and Software, Construction and Real Estate

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