Ukrainian manufacturer of construction equipment looking for manufacturing agreement

We produce equipment for the production of foam concrete, which allows the construction of social housing economy class with high performance and energy efficiency for all climatic zones. One installation is able to provide simultaneous construction of up to 4 low-rise homes. In the monolithic house-building industry, the equipment is capable of performing very large amount of work on heat insulation with high productivity.

Installation produces at the construction site and delivers to the place of packing:

- effective heat insulators - ultralight monolithic foam concrete with density D150-D300;

- heat structural foam concrete with a bearing and self-supporting ability D400-D700;

- constructional foam concrete with density D800-D1800;

- special foam concrete for increased thermal insulation and strength;

- concretes with a filler fraction of 16-20.

We look for construction companies: under manufacturing agreement we would manufacture construction equipment for the business partner.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Construction and Real Estate

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