Czech manufacture of trench heater, convectors and heat exchangers looking for distributor

A manufacturing company located in the Czech Republic is actively developing its sales network.

The Hitte Trench range includes Natural Convection, Fan Assisted, and Electric options as well as combined Heating-Cooling units. Models are also available for use in wet and humid environments:

1. Fan-Assisted Trench Heating – In case of faster and more intense air convection into channels established one, or more, depending on the length of the convector fans. These fans create only an extremely low noise level.

Hitte Fan-Assisted Trench Heating is divided into three types:

- FXX for standard dry environments

- FWH with drainage for wet/humid environments

- FCX combination of heating and cooling for the summertime

2. Natural Trench Heating – they heat the room a little slower, but the construction cost is reduced. In our company, you can choose a standard size convector or developed individually.

Made in the Czech Republic

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North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Construction and Real Estate

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