Ukrainian manufacturer of thermal insulation products looking for distribution partners

Our main area of operation is the production and realization of the next products:

- thermal insulating (foil thermal insulation - polyethylene foam practically doesn’t absorb moisture, the same with aluminum);

- sound insulating (is a rolled up band, 30 meters long and 3 mm thick, from elastic polyethylene foam of close-cellular structure);

- electrical insulating materials (sintoflex - used for the insulation of electrical machines and instruments’ windings);

- retroreflective materials (retroreflective tape (fabric) comes in several types: gray (silver), yellow, lemon yellow, orange, red and light green, 1-60 cm wide);

- photoluminescent materials (photoluminescent fabric can be used for the manufacturing of the working clothing for subway and airport personnel, miners, railroaders, strappers, rescuers of different categories and firefighters).

We offer distribution services agreements to retailers experienced in the building sector.

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Basic materials, Industrial, Construction and Real Estate

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