Product offered: innovative radiant heating systems from Italy

We developed an easy to install, innovative radiant heating system based on the principle of thermal radiation.

Our solution is based on the principle of thermal radiation and allows a natural and effective diffusion of heat in the rooms, combined with a high level of wellness. This heating system can be considered radiant because it does not generate convective air flows and, consequently there is an absence of dust circulating that is responsible for allergies.

This system is targeted to those who have to install a new system or have to integrate a not performing one.

The functioning consists of heating a battery, connected to any energy source, which in turn transfers the heat to the front casing that spreads it into the environment. It is set along the perimeter of the room so that it is saturated by an enveloping heat from the bottom to the top.

Having reached a good position on the national market, we are willing to enter into foreign markets by seeking agents/distributors.

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