German producer of innovative tube conveyors looks for distributors in Nordic Countries

We are a manufacturer of conveyor technology for various areas such as agriculture, food industry, and industry.

We developed a new and innovative clean wrap conveyor that enables the transport of bulk goods in a very clean and hygienic way; the conveying belt is formed into a conveyor tube so that the bulk material is protected against contamination from outside.

Furthermore, the transport in the wrapped systems prevents the loss of adhering material when the belt returns and prevents the discharge of dust. As a result, the risk of explosion of flammable dust particles is minimized.

The wrap conveyor is the ideal choice for safe and easy transport of very fine and dusty bulk materials such as tea, cocoa, coffee, sugar, flour, cereals etc

We are looking for distributor partners from the food industry from Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden.

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# 1130



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Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland


Industrial, Logistics, Food and Beverage

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