Spanish producer of traditional sweets from Spain looking for distributors in Europe

We are a Spanish family-owned producer of biscuits and cookies following the traditional forms of manufacturing and using the best industrial production techniques.

The factory has four lines of production and two shifts, with the possibility to increase in case of high production needs.

We use the best local raw ingredients and keep a Mediterranean flavour in the products. They are nut based, mostly almonds, which emphasizes and reminds Mediterranean and Spanish flavours. The products are adaptable to the market needs. We can make them with or without sugar, in different sizes or presentations of packaging.

We have previous international experience and we are well prepared according to IFS food requirements.

Having already a good distribution network in Spain, we are looking for distributors partners to increase our presence in Europe. We would like to contact with serious partners to reach long-time partnership agreement.

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Consumer goods, Food and Beverage

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