Polish company specialized in the production of organic cosmetics looking for distributors

We are a family-owned company specialized in the manufacturing of soaps and other natural cosmetics. We produce cosmetics based on natural ingredients only, without fixatives, preservatives or parabens.

The production of soaps is based on traditional methods, i.e. only natural raw materials are used. Cosmetics are made from vegetable oils, some of which are produced by ourselves. Oils that cannot be produced are purchased from certified manufacturers or direct importers. We have the know-how to produce excellent quality products in large quantities. The technological know-how allows to produce up to 1,000 soap per month. We also produce hydrolats, peelings, deodorants, bath half balls, body and hair oils, candles and natural beard cosmetics. The most important products are soaps.

We are looking for a partner who will be interested to work as a distributor. We are interested in establishing cooperation with a company that already has experience in marketing and selling eco-cosmetics.

Polish company specialized in the production of organic cosmetics looking for distributors

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Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar


Cosmetics and Personal care

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