Sewing company is seeking manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

Our company provides sewing services for all sectors.

Experienced workers in various spheres are employed in our firm(technologists, designers of clothes, cutters, and sewers) and are able to work with a wide range of textile fabrics like knitwear, wool, cotton, linen, pes and leather, synthetic fabrics, faux Fur, special fabrics, fleece fabrics.

Our services include:

clothes (men, women, children);

• linen products (bags, sacks...)

• house textile products (housewares, towels, tablecloths...)

• animal-related products (clothes, accessories for dog...).

Our company can provide the full service of designing, constructing, fabric cutting, and sewing for mass production or personal needs of the company. We are making sewing production for partners by their examples and templates and help to get material and other additions that are needed in Lithuania.

We are looking for manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

Sewing company is seeking manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

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# 987



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Norway, Sweden, Denmark


Textile and Fashion

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