UK gourmet instant cup noodle brand seeking distributors in Europe, Asia, North America

We are a fast growing UK independent brand of gluten free gourmet instant cup noodles which are high in nutrients, full of authentic oriental flavours, free from artificial preservatives, additives, monosodium glutamate (MSGs), low in salt, sugar, calories and saturated fats.

Currently there are six award winning flavours: Beef, Coconut Chicken Laksa, Chicken Broth, Hot & Sour Shrimp, Mild Spiced Vegetable (vegan) and Garden Vegetable (vegan).

Having experienced substantial growth in the Australian market we are now looking for distributors who can place their products in their respective markets.

Distributors that have access to some of the following market segments are of particular interest: hotels, independent retailers and larger supermarkets, care homes, gyms, hospitals, the travel industry (airlines, railways etc),Higher Education and healthcare partners are sought globally but we have particular interest in Asia, Western and Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Opportunity reference

# 979



Value (€)



Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, China, New Zealand, United States


Food and Beverage

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