Czech company offers subcontracting of plastic products using injection/blow moulding technologies

We are experienced in international cooperation is producing various range of plastic products and we are interested in finding new cooperating partners.

We are specialised in injection moulding and blowing of plastic components for the automotive and electrical industries. We are offering cooperation to partners that need subcontracting of such products. Production includes injection moulding and blowing of plastics as components for the automotive and electrical industries disposes of a drafting department working in CAD (computer aided design) programs, and a machine tool centre for production. We have been awarded with the ISO 9001. We also produce: flower pots, suitable for hotels, restaurants and office space and water cans. We are also looking for distributors of these products.

Opportunity reference

# 507



Value (€)



Netherlands, Belgium, France


Leisure and Hospitality, Automotive, Industrial

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