Offer: technology against flooding caused by heavy rain

We offer unique flap gates that improve the draining of water from heavy rain while preventing the return of sea- or bay water, which normally would cause the water level to rise into the pipe system and cause flooding.

The flap gates are produced from glass epoxy, a lightweight material, which ensures a very easy opening, enabling more water to be drained out. The strength and flexibility of the glass epoxy prevent the flap from being damaged or bumped from wear and tear.

Due to a patented design, the flap itself prevents the build-up of sand on stormwater outfalls that usually troubles the draining of water from within the streams.

The technology has been patented in the European Union.

Our system is already used by several Danish cities.

We are looking for distributors or agents in several European Union Countries.

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Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France


Professional Services and Consulting, Construction and Real Estate, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

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