Desiccant products protecting against moisture damage in overseas transport from Germany

We are a small company in Germany, we developed absorbers for the overseas transport of goods in containers. The container desiccants are offered as a gel, box or mat and consist of calcium, chloride, and starch.

The absorption power is above 200% and represents a safe solution that is also accepted by transport insurance companies.

Our products prevent wetting damage such as mold, corrosion or rust. They have a higher absorption power compared to competing products and the solutions have been tested for food safety. Hence, the products can be used for various goods on sea, truck and rail journeys.

The desiccants are DIN-tested and filled in bags according to DIN standards.

The products are already sold in many countries, we are looking for distribution partners who are specialized in the trade with packaging materials. The partner should have good contacts with companies that export overseas and already purchase various packaging materials.

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Italy, Poland, Austria



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