German producer of luminaires is seeking distributors in Austria and Switzerland

We make luminaires and lighting systems for over 30 years.

We have a skilled in-house team and collaborate with leading design firms to produce their lamps and lighting systems.

The design, development, and production are exclusively made in Germany, to strict quality standards. The high-quality products are timeless, in the high-price segment.

Our products are particular in form and functionalit and several products have been nominated for the Design Award.

We can also offer customized solutions.

Our product range includes:

- Single luminaires (wall luminaires, ceiling luminaires, pendant luminaires, floor luminaires, table luminaires as well as light objects for entrance areas, stairwells or galleries)

- System luminaires (track systems, spot systems, single or three-phase 230 Volt track systems, plug-in contact systems)

Our luminaires are developed for living rooms as well as for selected shop and commercial use.

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# 1027



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Switzerland, Austria


Furniture and Design

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