UK company specialised in digital signage software seeks reseller and distribution partner

We are a UK developer of a Windows-based digital signage software to help businesses, education and organisations to promote their products and services on display screens and touchscreens. Our software is in daily use in reception areas, airports, retail, restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, factory production environments, holiday parks, tourism and casinos, across 31 countries.

Businesses and public sector organisations can design their presentations for the resolution of their screen, for example, to display information in a reception area on an LCD/LED screen in Full HD 1920x1080, in landscape or portrait. This software allows pictures, text, videos and other media to be positioned on a computer screen to create presentations.

We have a good presence already in our local market and overseas and want to expand further on an international level and in varied sectors. Our software is offered for distribution and for reseller partners.

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Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Technology and Software

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