Producer of nomad devices against UAVs seeks distributors and agents

We are a French start-up specialized in the field of high-tech electronic devices for defense and security.

We developed nomad equipment dedicated to protection of critical areas and buildings against UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles), that can neutralize drones up to 150 m by jamming their telecommunication protocol.

Our device is very easy to use: the user carries the device in a backpack and aims its target with the microwave gun. Once the target is aimed, the user only has to turn on the jamming.

It is used for civil and military equipment.

We are looking for commercial partners to distribute that product in Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. We can also evaluate proposal from other EU countries.

Potential partners must be active in the field of security and defense.

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# 942



Value (€)



Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium


Electronics and House appliances, Aviation and Nautical, Technology and Software

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