Lithuanian producer of electric heating systems is looking for ditributors

We produce heating cables, mats and control systems. Offering the long-lasting and easy to install electric heating systems for:

• Heating and comfort of domestic and public buildings;

• Frost and ice protection of buildings, engineering and pipe systems;

• Frost prevention and temperature maintenance of technological pipes;

• Ice prevention of road and railway infrastructure.

We invest in R&D of advanced engineering solutions. In 2013 we introduce the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The potential partners can be wholesalers or retail companies which could sell and represent our products in local markets, especially electric and plumber wholesalers, DIY shops, electrical equipment sellers, electrical heating system selling companies.

Opportunity reference

# 513



Value (€)



Italy, Slovenia, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Japan, Turkey, South Korea


Electronics and House appliances, Construction and Real Estate

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