Singapore smart lighting manufacturer seeking distributors in Central and Northern Europe

We are a Singapore smart lighting manufacturer specialized in the design, development and delivery of sensor modules and the supporting control and communication network addressing the needs of sustainable consumption relating to use of lighting.

We have developed smart lighting that combines a secured proprietary wireless mesh network of sensors with a smart control system to achieve maximized lighting efficiency and low operating cost.

The main users for the smart lighting products are township planners, building owners, property developers and used in places such as townships, public and commercial buildings, walkways & outdoor areas, gardens & footpaths, outdoor & indoor carparks.

We are very interested in working with European partners that are able to distribute the product in Europe. The collaboration would help us company to penetrate into the European market. We have partners only in Asia thus, we are willing to find new partners in Europe that can distribute our products.

Opportunity reference

# 930



Value (€)



Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom


Electronics and House appliances, Technology and Software, Energy and Utilities

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