UK developer of unique power sensors for data centres/smart cities looks for distributors

We are a UK supplier of environmental monitoring devices and systems.

Our sensors monitor 5A, 13A, 16A and 32A cables and clamp around cable sizes up to 4mm2 to record the current (Amps). Data is captured by network management and "Smart Cities" systems using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). These power sensors have been integrated with the "Cisco Kinetic" software platform for smart cities and buildings, as well as network management systems such as "Paessler Router Traffic Grapher" (PRTG).

These are true IoT sensors providing power data where previously this was impossible without unplugging a cable and shutting down equipment. The data supplied from these sensors can help identify under and over current conditions, potential wiring or equipment faults, power failure, equipment failure and unusual power usage patterns.

Distributors in the IT, Facilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy Management sectors are being sought globally.

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# 1011



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Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Electronics and House appliances, Industrial, Energy and Utilities

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