Cleantech energy company offering industrial solution for recovering energy from steam

We are a Scottish producer of energy recovery equipment that harnesses steam and generates power for industrial, waste and biomass processing organisations.

The patented Twin-Screw Steam Expander technology drives a generator to produce low cost, otherwise untapped, electricity from wet steam. Our solution gives customers a unique technology - and technological advantage – that cannot be achieved by other products:

• Unique capability to use wet/saturated steam without modification, extra components or damage to produce electricity

• No need to interrupt core factory operations for installation or maintenance

• The only solution that can deliver consistent power generation efficiency at variable steam flow rates

We are ISO 9001 certified.

We are seeking foreign trade intermediaries, distributors and agents, to distribute our products on external markets under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

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# 776



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Europe, North America, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Peru, Vietnam


Energy and Utilities

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