UK based gaming accessories manufacturer seeks distributors in Europe and Asia

We have worked with designers and factories in Asia for the last 8 years on developing premium accessories products for the international trade. Our brand is trusted and has been selected by leading retailers in the UK including high street brand such as the video game store chain Game and the retail chain Argos. The product range is designed for consoles and more recently for mobile phones.

We plan to support new formats including the new generation of consoles and streaming platforms. We work with high quality factories in China and Taiwan and have a lot of experience in developing product to a high standard meeting all certification standards in the process.

We are looking for new distributors to access international markets and increase sales abroad, in particular in Italy, France, Scandinavia, Benelux, Asia and Poland.

There are also other types of partnerships that could be explored with potential distributors, such as joint venture and licensing.

Opportunity reference

# 953



Value (€)



Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Entertainment, Art and Education, Technology and Software

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