OFFER: automatic balers and conveyors for waste cardboard and plastics

We are a Slovenian producer of equipment for the transport, sorting and baling of waste paper, cardboard packaging and plastics.

- Simple horizontal baling press without the tying device (can be added on later).

- Simpler construction methods, designed for customers that would like to solve waste issues at the lowest cost.

- Heavy-duty construction that is designed for commercial centres or companies that are primarily involved in waste management.

- Heavy-duty conveyors (for filling the balers) with a drive chain and transverse, rubber-covered profiles. The gradient is usually 30° with installation either in a channel or on the floor and a conveyor outlet gradient of up to 15°.

- Heavy-duty conveyors with a drive chain and undulating covered sheet-metal (leaves).

- Lightweight, flat, sliding rubber conveyors (rubber is stretched during movement and by a tensioning cylinder), supported either by small cylinders or sheet metal.

We look for distributors in Europe, Asia and North America.

Opportunity reference

# 755



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Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Consumer goods, Basic materials, Industrial

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