Singapore snacks manufacturer looking for European distribution partners

We are a Singaporean well-known manufacturer of snacks. We specialize in creating snacks that are made using ingredients such as cuttlefish and fishes. Our cuttlefish snacks are described as the "chewing gum of the orientals".

Our main product is the shredded cuttlefish snack. The snack is prepared by drying the cuttlefish and shred the cuttlefish into very small shreds. Many types are available, for example, cuttlefish pieces or whole cuttlefish.

Other popular products are:

- seaweed sheet snack, which is small strip of seaweed that is flavored;

- shredded fish strips, which are dried fish meat that is presented as strips;

- prawn crackers, that is a snack made of flour with prawn flavor, and it is shaped like a French fry.

We are expanding our products to Europe and are looking for partners to distribute our products in Europe via a distribution service agreement.

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Food and Beverage

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