Flowerpots producer company from Ukraine looking for distributors and agents abroad

We are a Ukrainian company specialized in flowerpots production; our street flowerpots are modern elements of street gardening, can significantly reduce the time for flower care and can be attached to poles, building facades, walls, balconies.

We produce such types of products:

- flowerpots (are made from food polyethylene; resistant to sunlight and low temperatures);

- flower constructions;

- coasters and pendants for flowers (designed for hanging a flowerpots);

- garbage cans (support reliably fastens to the earth providing stability of all construction);

- parking borders (safely fixed to the floor surface with anchor bolts).

We manufacture small and large amounts at most competitive prices.

We are looking for potential distribution partners placed in Europe, Asia, and the USA. The target group and potential cooperation partners could be flower shops, construction stores, wholesalers, online stores, trade agents.

Opportunity reference

# 820



Value (€)



Europe, Asia & Middle East, Southeast Asia & Oceania, United States


Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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