Korean SME looking for distributors for its IoT-based medical fluid monitoring technology

We are a Korean medtech SME. We have developed a micro-optical sensor to measure the volume of medical fluid.

Our device combines both convenience and stability so that medical practitioners can check the infusion of fluid treatment by using the information from the solution (device and application) in real time using a smartphone app or PC.

The device measures the volume of the fluid, using a micro-optical sensor. In order to prevent malfunctions that can be caused by external noise, it modulates the voltage signal to isolate the transmitted and received modulation signals. Also, through server-client-based smartphone apps and web(PC), it provides information about the amount of fluid remaining and the fluid infusion time to the patient, the nurse and the doctor who is on the remote system.

We are looking for partners in Europe that would be interested to enter into distribution services agreement with us.

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Europe, South Africa, China, India, Indonesia


Health and Pharma, Technology and Software

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