Romanian producer of herbal health food supplements looking for European distributors

We manufacture herbal food supplements and are one of the most appreciated Romanian companies for health and nutrition.

For the manufacture of herbal food supplements, we use our own plants or from suppliers' bio crops and which go through a demanding selection process. We haves created natural, complete products, perfectly adapted to the human body.

We have over 150 dietary supplements for various therapeutic indications, such as immune strengthening therapy, maintaining gastrointestinal health and fatigue, pectoral protection, maintaining joints, muscles and bones in optimal conditions, maintaining cognitive and mental performance, managing hard, helps to numb and reduce jet lag, etc.

We seek international partners to collaborate under distribution services agreement. We are looking for distributors (chain stores, pharmaceutical stores, herbalists, health shops, detox clinics, naturopaths, etc.).

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Consumer goods, Health and Pharma, Food and Beverage

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