Turkish maker of food processing machinery looks for distributors and commercial agents

We offer a complete product range with our engineering solutions to dairy, beverage (fruit juice, mineral water), confectionery (chocolate, cake, jam, biscuit, marmalade), food (oil, egg, honey, sauces, baby food, soya and almond milk), pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical industries.

We are also expert in heating and cooling systems for food industry, production of any kind of stainless steel equipment, process control and automation systems as stainless steel heat exchangers (plate type, scraped surface type, tubular type heat exchangers), various types of pasteurization units, storage and process tanks for different applications, evaporators (plate and falling/rising film types), bunkers, conveyors, transportation tankers, mixers. We are ISO 9001 certified.

We look for distributors or agents abroad. Additionally, we are open to act as a manufacturer for companies (SMEs or large companies) to produce the equipment in our product range and/or design turnkey projects.

Opportunity reference

# 869



Value (€)



Europe, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam


Consumer goods, Industrial, Food and Beverage

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