Looking for German trade partners of oceanographic instruments

We are a company based in Frace that is highly specialized in design and manufacture oceanology instrumentation for environmental measurement of saltwater physico-chemical parameters in estuaries, seas, deep seas, and oceans.

Our product range allows control of seawater parameters (temperature, pressure, salinity, turbidity...), medium (siltation, heat flux, atmospheric corrosion...) and analysis of the behavior of submerged systems (force, acceleration, corrosion...). The instruments can be transported on platforms such as remote-controlled underwater vehicles, autonomous vehicles (underwater or surface), or can be integrated on a mooring.

We also created autonomous data loggers, that thanks to integrated WiFi send data to PC or smartphones.

We are looking for a distributor or agent in Germany that is interested to sell our instruments in Germany. The potential partner should have experience in the oceanology sector. Our objective is to establish a long-term partnership.

Looking for German trade partners of oceanographic instruments

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