Looking for distributors of sport outdoor equipment

We are a French start-up that designs and markets specific multi-sport equipment for outdoor playgrounds.

We developed a patent protected equipment that allows the practice of several different sports on a single playing field.

Our equipment allows a multi-field configuration making it possible to set up simultaneously up to 8 fields of the same sport or five different sports fields and to accommodate as many as 64 players at the same time on a surface equivalent to one to two tennis courts (depending on the model).

The products are compliant with the standard EN 15312 + A1: 2010. Our equipment comes in 2 versions: fixed or inflatable and the dimensions are from 21m X 18m to 34m X 34m for the fixed structures and 24,5m X 21,5m for the inflatable ones.

The fixed equipment consists of metal frames and vertical partitions made of recycled plastic or metal bars, the design of which is patent protected. Alternatively, it can be made of wood.

We are seeking distributors.

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Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom


Consumer goods, Furniture and Design, Construction and Real Estate

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