Offer: inscription machines for the industrial marking of metals, plastics and others

We are a German company specialized in the industrial marking of metals, plastics, and other materials.

We manufacture 3 different kinds of machines for industrial marking:

1) Marking laser machines: for flexible and fast markings on metals and plastics.

The machines offer metals, plastics and other materials to be marked in a contact-free, permanent and flexible way.

2) Dot peen marking machines: for permanent and deep engravings on metals and plastics.

The programmable marking systems operate with pneumatic or electrically driven oscillating hard metal needles.

3) Electrolytic marking machines: the easy and fast way to mark electroconductive materials.

The technology represents an economic and professional solution for high-contrast marking of all electroconductive materials (i. e. metals).

We are looking for distributors and commercial agents.

We are also offering subcontracting agreements for the customization of marking machines as well as the marking of individual parts.

Opportunity reference

# 973



Value (€)



Malta, Russia, Czech Republic, France, China, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Turkey, South Korea



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