Korean SME looking for a distributor for nasal inflammatory treatment device

We are a Korean manufacturer of optical components, developing new technologies related to optics and healthcare.

The main technology of this product is a multi-wave laser which is based on low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Low light level laser therapy supports the body to increase the number of cells by irradiating the light to facilitate the blood volume, oxygen supply and nutrient supply of cells. This helps the blood flow to be normalized with the reduction of chronic inflammation. Comparing with medication which is the most common treatment for nasal inflammation patients don't need to take the medicine continuously. Furthermore, this product supplements the limitation of current laser treatment which is that the inflammation could relapse over time as single-wave lasers are limited to irradiate inside the nostril.

We are seeking for partners in Europe and Southeast Asia closely linked to otolaryngology or drugstores to enter into a distribution services agreement.

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Europe, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Health and Pharma

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