UK producer of silicone products for the medical industry seeks agents and distributors

We are British manufacturer of European-certified silicone products for the medical industry. We are able to produce silicone products through extrusion, injection and press moulding; we have strong project management and product design capabilities, cleanroom, packaging and sterilisation facilities. Our products are:

- 100% inspected

- Phthalate and latex free

- Made from silicone

- Can be provided in sterile and non-sterile forms

- Sterile products come with a five-year shelf life

- All bar coding is GS1 compliant

- We can also produce custom-designed silicone products.

We seek agents and distributors with routes into healthcare, animal care, dental, plastic surgery, hospitals and clinics for a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. We currently want to concentrate on the following seven stock items:

- Grommets

- Zoellner suction tips

- Suction handles

- Boyle Davis gag covers (adult and child)

- Bite guards

- Nasal splints

- Silicone tubing

Opportunity reference

# 788



Value (€)



Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Health and Pharma

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