Italian manufacturer of luxury multimedia point of sale displays (POS)

We produce a wide range of multimedia totems/point of sale displays (POS displays) with a high level of customization in order to satisfy the needs of final users (such as luxury hotels, museums, corporate showrooms and exhibitions), thanks to our peculiarities in the design elements and luxury materials (precious wood, stones, leather...).

Digital displays in POS are widely used, but there is a need to catch the attention of visitors, for example through the use of design. We are seeking experienced foreign distributors/esellers/agents with a view at establishing a long term cooperation. Potential partners should have well-established contacts with final users such as luxury hotels, showrooms, museums, advertising agencies, architecture and/or engineering studios.

Opportunity reference

# 466



Value (€)



Africa, Europe, Asia & Middle East, North America, Central & South America, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Leisure and Hospitality, Furniture and Design

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