Japanese producer of air compressors and spray equipment seeks distributors in EU

Our company has more than 80 years of experience in providing air compressors and spray equipment for finishing paint to various end-users including gas, automobile, plastic, leather, and wood industries.

We reach high customer satisfaction levels by delivering high-quality equipment that are fully made in Japan.

Our company also offers product customization options for delivering various products, which are not listed on our products’ catalog but can be discussed per partner’s request.

Our company has more than 50 years of experience in exporting and now it is possible to buy our products in more than than 50 countries. The main international clients are based in China, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam.

We are interested in expand our sales in the European Union and are seeking partners in the frame of distribution service agreement.

The partner sought should be a distributor with broad experience in dealing with hardware, hand tools or spray equipment.

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Automotive, Industrial

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