Turkish manufacturer of steam boilers and industrial pressure vessels seeks distributors

We manufacture pressure vessels such as high pressure steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, superheated water boilers, steam generators, waste heat recovery boilers, waste heat recovery equipment, economizers, accumulation tanks, separators, flash steam tanks, heat exchangers, fuel storage tanks and steel central heating boilers with alternative fuel options on a 14.000 m2 manufacturing plant.

Our industrial boilers can be efficiently used in industrial production areas; such as textile, petrochemistry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, wood, furniture, steel, carpet, packaging, chemistry, food processing plants and geothermal power plants. They are also used in industrial laundries, yarn processing and dying, weaving, leather processing, asphalt mixing, paper production and glass processing.

All products are CE marked and our production is ISO 9001 certified.

We are well-known in the local market and Middle-East markets and we want to expand in new markets, especially European ones.

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# 1068



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Europe, Asia & Middle East



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