Hungarian textile company is looking for subcontracting partner

We need a partner for 2 tasks:

1) Produce polo and T-shirt styled circle knitted products using our own produced fabric

2) Combed yarn and circle knitted fabric dyeing (the partner company can be either a sole dyeing company or a knitting company with a separate dyeing sector with big capacity)

The compositions of fabrics are 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50-50% cotton-polyester.

Our main products are:

- classic collared polo shirt

- antistatic workwear (polo shirt)

- electromagnetic shielding clothes

- antibacterial underwear and clothing

- flame retardant underwear

The monthly amount differs from 500 / 1.000 / 3.000 pieces depending on the order of the customer.

We need 2 dyeing technologies:

1. For 100% cotton fabrics: atmospheric dyeing machine

2. For 100% Polyester (PES) and 50%-50% Co-PES fabrics: HT dyeing machines and open finishing

The partner should have 500-600 kg capacity dyeing machines and an inspection machine.

Partners must be only from specified Countries.

Hungarian textile company is looking for subcontracting partner

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# 1188

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Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine


Textile and Fashion

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