Developer of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles looking for investors

We are a Romanian company active in the business of installing charging stations for electric cars. Already 57 charging stations are installed, on our own brand, in 13 cities in Romania. We have a technical teem able to ensure installation and maintenance in the entire country.

We have the possibility to increase our own charging station network from 57 to 200 units in 2020, with a proper investment, having already signed contracts with commercial centers all around Romania. So it is possible to increase the installed power of the chargers from 22 KW in present to at least 50 or 100 KW.

In order to foster our market position and to ensure the expected development of the business it is necessary to have access to new investment. In this respect we are looking for business partners interested to invest in our company in the frame of a financial agreement.

Developer of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles looking for investors

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